Educational activities for preschoolers

Why educational activities are important for preschoolers

Why educational activities are important for preschoolers

During early childhood, everything that a child does is a learning experience. The journey of early childhood development begins way before the child enters preschool. Observing, playing, creating – they are all processes through which children absorb information, and pick up early developmental skills that will serve them well during the exciting yet challenging phase of preschool. These early learning activities for kids should ideally be play-based, hands-on activities, designed to be full of movement, to keep your little one engaged, happy and curious.

Advantages of hands-on learning activities for preschoolers

  • Hands-on activities allow children to fully engage their senses during the learning process. They see, touch, and interact with real objects to accomplish tasks. Children begin to truly grasp the meaning behind their actions, because letters, numbers, shapes, and colours are brought to life!
  • Children stay interested, excited and engaged because they are having fun.
  • These activities help children develop a longer attention span, helping them to assimilate knowledge and improve their long-term memory.
  • Children will enhance their fine motor skills as they learn to perfect control, communication and concentration, and develop a sense of dedication to finishing tasks.
  • Hands-on enrichment activities for preschoolers help them develop a lifelong love for learning.

Well-planned preschool educational activities help children in a multitude of ways.

Preschool activities for developing social skills

Social skills

Preschool is every child’s first time interacting with a number of people outside their family, in the form of students and teachers. Preschool activities are designed to inculcate the habit of conversation and interaction in children. The focus lies in making children work and play together, which forms the building blocks of the development of social skills in the child. Co-operation, teamwork, empathy, sharing, and conflict resolution are other skills that young children pick up through preschool activities.

Preschool activities for literary skills

Oratory and literary skills

Preschool activities allow children to get involved in activities such as reciting poems and storytelling. While the children are swept into a world of imagination and wonder, they are also picking up and developing essential language and oratory skills. These abilities help children interact with others with confidence and poise.

preschool activities for time management

Time management

Since most preschool activities are time-based, like a fixed time for morning assembly, or for a lunch break, and so on, children learn to appreciate the need for managing their time well, and teaches them important lessons in terms of efficiency and punctuality.

preschool activities for physical development

Physical development

Early development activities for preschoolers enhance a child’s physical development by involving them in a variety of physical activities in order to support children in developing a healthy and fit body. Children get to have fun as they play, run, dance, or climb, all activities that keep their body active and help develop strong muscles.

Preschool activities for developing emotional ability

Emotional ability

Empathy, kindness and understanding are characteristics that every parent wants their child to develop. Constant interaction with other children and their teachers helps children learn about their own feelings, while also teaching them to sympathize with the feelings of others. Through teamwork activities, children learn to show respect and concern for each other’s feelings and emotions.

preschool activities for developing cognitive skills

Cognitive skills

Educational preschool activities allow children to develop the ability to think rationally, stay curious, and overcome problems. Children understand how to digest new information and relate it to past experiences through the preschool activities, which enhances a child’s cognitive skills.

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