12–18 months





Boosting your kid’s confidence in their physical, cognitive and social capabilities

Get ready for your kids to start standing, climbing, communicating, scribbling and even copying simple actions!

See a big difference in your child’s gross motor and fine motor skills as they start jumping, drinking from a cup, passing objects between their hands, rolling and throwing a ball and even putting away their own toys! You will also see an improvement in their cognitive and language development, as they start to follow simple instructions and consistently uses 5 or more comprehensible words. Don’t be surprised when you see them getting interested in books or gesturing at you when they want something.


Physical (Senses, fine & Gross Motor skills)

Balancing, tumbling, hanging, agility tasks

Cognitive (Logical, Artistic, Linguistic, Educational)

New songs, discussions, games, adventures

Social (Emotions, Communications, Self-Esteem)

Discussions, separation time, puppet show, peer socialization activities

Request for Parents

Each activity has overlapping benefits to cover the 4 domains of development – physical, cognitive, social, emotional. “Homework” will be given to parents, to reinforce learning at home.

Parent’s Testimonial

“Thank you for teaching Abdul Khafid. He improved a lot in his gross motor skills & social skills.” – Abdul Khafid’s parents Tampines

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