Enrichment Programs Help Your Child Learn Faster & Perform Better

Few things are more important to a child than the love, security, guidance and support they receive from parents, siblings, relatives and friends. Turn  everyday into an enrichment time, with a wealth of opportunities to practise, to enjoy and to learn something new. Keep an eye on what seems to interest your child the most.  As a matter of fact, focusing on your child’s strengths and interests is a proven way to connect with your child deeply.

Children observe, absorb, and learn from everything they are actively involved in. They love to chat, read and play, even when they’re too young to understand. Besides, every little thing you get to do together adds up into an experience that will help set your child up nicely for the day she will be ready to start school.

By bringing the best out of your child, you are encouraging others around your child to also discover the best within themselves.

Dancing away

Remember, your child learns through all her senses -- taste, touch, vision, hearing and smelling. She is also keenly watching those around her and copying their language and behaviour.

For a toddler, building blocks aren't just for making leaning towers, but also to make trains. And you don’t need a paint brush to start painting, just her palms will do. So showing your child how things work and talking really helps. The core purpose of enrichment activities is to help a child discover new passions and to develop and reinforce existing ones.

Enrichment programs are an invitation to take learning to new levels by applying new techniques and processes developed through in-session classes. and real life situations. Among many enrichment activities that you can involve your child in, those that stimulate the mind and muscles of the body are the most important. Math, science, art, playing board games, even cooking, and physical activities such as tumbling, rolling, jumping, and hopping.

Enrichment activities are essential to not only academic success but play a crucial part in life away from home, ensure all-round social emotional development.

Ensuring 360* growth

Children play and readily make time to engage in enrichment activities without hesitation. It is this instinctive tendency that opens the doorway to new discoveries. Through such activities children learn basic concepts such as words, forming sentences, identifying colours, counting, memorizing and adding up numbers, crafting things and learning how to provide solutions for everyday situations.

Children who engage in free play and enrichment activities from an early age develop traits that go to make a positive contribution to their overall well-being. This is supported by studies which show children develop mental, emotional, physical and social skills that make them self-confident and boost their self-esteem as they grow into adults.

Key benefits for children

In addition to facilitating critical thinking and problem solving skills, enrichment activities focus on improving the child’s ability to concentrate, and make learning more beneficial and meaningful.

Enrichment programs are typically interactive and project focused, and challenge children to apply proven concepts in new ways, while bringing fresh concepts to light. Exposing your child to new ideas and opportunities to explore and find new interests to develop.

Develop mental agility: Enrichment activities creates opportunities for the child to discover a world of exploration and adventure. It unlocks curiosity. It also encourages creative thinking and unleashes imagination. The power identifying right from wrong will start to be instilled in them through interactive play.

Emotional maturity: Enrichment programs helps children feel good and when they are relaxed, they learn better and faster. They learn how to interact with others and acquire skills to be fair and follow instructions. Express themselves better through words and deeds.

Physical growth: Participating in enrichment programs helps channelise excess energy into vigorous physical activities, leading to healthier appetites and developing restful sleeping patterns. In smaller children, physical activity programs help build muscles and develop motor skills, as well as improving balance, endurance, strength and coordination.

Socially well-grounded: A child’s cognitive skills are sharpened, so will her social skills -- learning how to listen, following instructions, and even develop leadership skills. Teamwork and collaboration with her playmates are smoother and stress-free. Sharing, waiting for her turn and being polite are healthy habits the child picks and assists in making a child more friendly and popular among classmates.

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