Mighty Mites

Fun Learning & Preschool Activities For Children of 4-5 Years Children

4–5 years DURATION: 60 MINS

FOCUS: Improving your child’s self-esteem and respecting their individuality.

Watch as your toddlers turn into independent, imaginative and still, cute and little human beings!

If you’re looking for fun activities for 4 – 5 year old children in Singapore, the Mighty Mites Program at My Gym is the right choice. The program blends fun and learning through several, carefully designed enrichment classes with a focus on physical, cognitive & social development activities. These activities are an essential part of early childhood education, providing children with a strong foundation for their future. See them catch a ball, tie their own shoelaces, develop their tripod pencil grasp, understand concepts such as “same” and “more,” and draw recognizable pictures, to name a few! Prepare for some cognitive and social skills advancement from your little ones, watch them trying to negotiate, see them having improved memory and better comprehension skills, be amazed at their understanding of moral values, see them developing friendships and more.


Physical (Senses, fine & Gross Motor skills)

Gymnastics skill stations, relays

Cognitive (Logical, Artistic, Linguistic, Educational)

Non-competitive games, manipulative skill-stimulating activities, exploration time

Social (Emotions, Communications, Self-Esteem)

Discussions, team building activities, group social skills

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Each activity has overlapping benefits to cover the 4 domains of development – physical, cognitive, social, emotional.

Parent’s Testimonial

“There is also a good combination between the ratio of teachers to students. Teachers are willing to encourage children and their teaching method is excellent!” Gloria’s Parents


The Mighty Mites program at My Gym offers a holistic approach to early development in children. Our award winning, age-appropriate programs are specially designed to boost the physical, social, emotional and cognitive abilities of toddlers.

Engaging in different exciting, fun and creative activities along with other children their age not only hones their motor skills but also helps them interact better with their peers. Through interesting games and discussions, this program instills confidence, a sense of self-esteem and teamwork in your child, thereby preparing them for school.

Growth and development in children take place at a different rate for each child. Here are some developmental skills kids of this age group are expected to know:

  • Walk up and down the stairs without help
  • Speak clearly with more complex sentences
  • Have an improved attention span
  • Pedal a tricycle
  • Copy letters, shapes and numbers
  • Stack 10 or more blocks
  • Be able to use a spoon and fork.

Children benefit greatly from several early development activities that enhance their physical, mental, cognitive and social skills. The Mighty Mites program at My Gym includes a variety of such activities for preschoolers aged between 4-5 years.

Along with the rapid increase in their motor, social and cognitive skills, children around the age of 4 years also have a better attention span and improved problem-solving abilities. Enrolling your children in enrichment centers that give them an opportunity to learn and interact with other kids their age is a great way to enhance their social and cognitive skills.

The Mighty Mites program at My Gym provides children with a platform where they can realize their true potential at a young age and have great fun doing it. Some of the exciting and fun activities that My Gym offers for 4- to 5-year-old children includes non-competitive games, manipulative skill-stimulating activities, exploration time and a few others.


Here are some creative and interesting activities you can engage your child in.

  • Building an obstacle course: This is a great way to develop their physical and mental coordination
  • Making crafts with paper: This activity helps children unleash their creativity and imagination
  • Playing with playdough: Playdough is one of the best tools for sensory stimulating activities in children.
  • Stories and discussions: Improve their vocabulary and helps them build their imagination skills

The Mighty Mites program at My Gym has a range of specially designed fun activities for 4- to 5-year-old children that are developed to boost their cognitive, social and motor skills.

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