“We know our son thoroughly enjoyed his time at gym class. From the first week when he was hesitant and slightly tentative, to the fourth week when he was exploring all the various gym elements at will, we could already tell that his confidence in body exploration was growing day by day. Perhaps the clearest indication yet is how he attempts to come down the stairs these days, not walking down the steps like a regular kid, but instead inching his way down the railings; almost like a monkey and clearly in his element. ” – Mark Lim

Check out their Blog about My Gym.

“There were gymnastics & sports activities catered to suit young babies aged 6 months or less. I didn’t know babies can roll over and I didn’t expect babies enjoy swinging so much. My Gym proved me that babies were capable to do gymnastics actions we previously thought they weren’t able to do so. Babies are more than capable than what we think with the right guidance from skillful teachers.” – Netty

Check out her Blog about My Gym.

“Hanzel joins My Gym when he is still a baby. Now he is already 3 years old and in the Independent class. The class in My Gym is very engaging and helped to overcome my child’s separation anxiety. It allows him to socialize from a young age which is good. They learnt motor skills and was able to roam and learn around in a safe environment. I always recommend my friends to send their young kids to My Gym due to these positive benefits!” – Hanzel’s Mom

“My Gym’s playgroup programme has helped my daughter, Taaliah, to overcome her separation anxieties and be brave. From a girl who cried incessantly at drop-off to the girl now who runs into the play area without looking back, Taaliah has come a long way.

Taaliah truly enjoyed interacting with her teachers and friends in playgroup. The teachers there are nurturing and embody professional care- they prioritise the well-being of the children and are never without welcoming smiles on their faces. She always came home with animated stories of her days in school.

As a parent, I’m glad that Taaliah has enjoyed her playgroup experience. Currently, she has transited into 3-day Creative Buddies programme. I hope her My Gym experience will eventually make her transition to full-time school seamless.” – Taaliah’s Mom

“Gloria loves the mixture of music, physical activates and storytelling. There is also a good combination between the ration of teachers to students. Teachers are willing to encourage children and their teaching method is excellent! We would like to say a very big thank you to all the teachers at Tampines.” – Lee Seo-Bin

“Thank you so much for all the love and support you have given to our son, Charlie. He has loved coming to the playgroup and your fabulous teaching is evident in his development.”-Rachel, Geoff + Charlie Upston

“Thank you for making playgroup such an enjoyable time for Claire. At the beginning, she was crying and clinging on to me. But now, she can’t wait to “Go My Gym!!!” four days a week and she even says “Bye Mommy!” before making her way eagerly in. Claire is very blessed to have had such happy and fun- loving teachers. I’m grateful to every one of you for your kindness, patience and care for my extremely active and cheeky girl for the past year. I’m sure she will miss all of you dearly!”- Claire’s Mommy 

“Thank you for the patience in seeing Julien through these moments at My Gym. Thanks to you, Julien has developed to become a more outgoing and sociable boy & all these is attributed to the dedication of teachers at My Gym, who are really good at what they do.We take away fond memories of the times we spent at My Gym. Julien has always looked forward to going to class at My Gym – whenever we ask him if he wants to go to school, he’l exclaim very loudly, “yes! My Gym!!”  We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to the teachers of My Gym.”- Mike and Judy

Winne (Mum of Elliston)“I like how My Gym teachers are friendly and make it a point to remember each child’s unique behaviour and pattern. They also dish tips to parents on how to manage their child outside of classes!”
Hui Sin (Mum of Teck Zhi) “I was sold on the benefits of My Gym after sending Teck Zhi for his trial session….”
Dawn (Mum of Gareth) “My Gym is a great opportunity for daddy and son to bond. The Daddy is there to assist with the obstacles and this builds trust between them. Not only that, Gareth gets to see another side of Daddy being fun and encouraging.”
Sharona (Mum of Ryan) “After attending My Gym, I find that Ryan has become a more daring and curious boy who is not afraid to explore his surroundings.​”
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