A special way to celebrate a special day

Action-Packed Celebrations! 1–10 yearsDURATION: 1 Hour

FOCUS: An Exclusive. Exciting. Energetic. Celebration For Kids

Gift your child a memorable and enthralling experience on their special day with zero hassle!

Give your kids the party of a lifetime with My Gym’s award-winning unique & fun parties! Allow them to experience flying across the gym, climbing up the jungle gym, sliding down the fireman pole, going up the mountain, and so much more!

We promise your little one will have a blast with family and friends at My Gym.

The My Gym Celebrations package is priced exclusively at $480 (for both members and non-members)

What is in store for the little ones? 

  • An hour of great fun up to 10 pax ($20 per additional child)
  • Enriching games & activities planned by our team including our Space Flight
  • Avail a 30-min extension for cake-cutting & clean-up with an additional charge of $100

Please Note:

  • Toddlers below the age of 3 need to be accompanied by a guardian.
  • Attendees are requested to arrive only 5 minutes prior to the event.
  • Only 1 adult per child is permitted into the celebration.
  • Booking for your slot 3 months prior to the event is mandatory. For more information, kindly contact your preferred My Gym branch here.

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