General Questions

What is My Gym?

My Gym is an award-winning program for kids that started in the US in 1983, and has been thriving in Singapore for more than 13 years and counting. We offer a variety of classes and school-based programs, with our curriculum focusing on the 4 domains of a child’s development: physical, cognitive, social and emotional. We also offer other services such as birthday parties, special events and more. 

What age can I let my kids attend My Gym programs?

You can start them off young and let them attend even at 3 months old!

Why should I let my few month old baby attend a My Gym program?

It will give them a head start in advancing the skills necessary for their development and for meeting their milestones at an ideal age. My Gym activities, especially for infants, can develop the foundations of physical literacy – establishing diverse gross motor skills that will help support an active lifestyle and all of the other cognitive, emotional, social and physical benefits that go with it.

Why is a sports-based program important for kids, especially for babies and toddlers?

Regular movement is essential to healthy brain development and providing stimulating, age-appropriate and carefully planned activities to your children (as early as 3 months old), which can enhance their fundamental physical literacy skills, especially in the first few years.

Whatever movement skills they learn later on, will be based on the basic motor skills that they have developed in their first year, so getting them started on the right sports-based program is necessary for their development.

What is the difference between My Gym & other enrichment classes?

Our teaching methods are strongly rooted in a play-based, sports-based, hands-on concept, as children learn better and faster through fun experiences and lively interactions. Our non-competitive environment adheres to self-evaluation and focusing on each individual’s learning progress, rather than comparing one’s skills and progress to other kids.

We also facilitate parent-assisted classes for kids younger than 4 years old, as we want parents to be involved in their kid’s progress and to be open with us about any of their concerns. After all, learning continues at home and so we’d like the parents to be active participants in their kid’s development and learning progress.

What is the difference between My Gym classes and the usual preschool or kindergarten classes?

Think of My Gym as an enrichment class/ preschool preparatory class, for your kids to adapt and quickly adjust to the traditional school setting. Also, we are solely focused on your child’s 4 domains of development (cognitive, social, emotional, physical), unlike the routine care system (naps, feeding times) that preschools/ kindergartens provide.

However, we do provide a school-based program, Playgroup and Creative Buddies.

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If my child goes to Pre School, why do I still need to come to My Gym?

School has a more routine structure where your kids see the same people and do the same things over and over again, so introducing a totally new environment and a different crowd can fire up their neurons for learning and development.

There are also certain activities that only My Gym can introduce to your kids, such as baby-friendly swings, equipment, skills-building areas and more.

What are the immediate benefits for my child once they enrol in My Gym?

For starters, they will be exposed to the concept of sharing, and playing with peers and learning to take turns in a group environment. Our various activities are focused to help your kids on their 4 domains of development (cognitive, social, physical, emotional), so in just a few weeks, you’ll see your kids getting stronger, following instructions better, becoming more sociable and more!

Parents are also taught skills on how to create complementary My Gym activities at home. So the learning continues, boosting a fun bonding experience between the kids and the parents/ caregivers.

If my child is hyperactive, how can My Gym program help him?

The physical activities incorporated in our programs can help your hyperactive kids improve their attention span, working memory, and can also prime their brain for learning. It can also help in curbing aggression, anxiety and stress for some kids. Our age-appropriate and expertly planned activities can expand your child’s energy while leveling up their concentration and learning skills.

Can My Gym help my child with autism?

Yes, we can. We have a Special Needs enrichment program that caters to children with special needs, aged 4 to 8 years old. This parent-assisted program emphasizes on gross motor skills, sensory integration, awareness and socialization skills necessary to carry out everyday school activities and has a low student-to-teacher ratio for a more structured and conducive learning environment. Appropriate equipments will also be provided, to help children with limited abilities develop skills at their own pace, to move towards independence.

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How will my child’s progress be monitored?

For every class journey, parents will be told of what to expect from the classes – what will be taught to the kids, how kids will react at first (especially if they are new), parent-teacher participation activities and so on.

The teachers will actively share your child’s progress with you and will advise you in areas where you can work with them, together. We highly recommend that you complete a whole term of your chosen program, so working on your kids’ developmental milestones will be more effective.

What are the safety measures in My Gym?

Our teachers are trained in child’s first aid in every class, in case of emergencies. All our equipment is shipped from the US and proven and tested to be safe for children’s gym activities. A fully prepped first aid kit is available at every center. Our carpet is padded. The design of the gym has been carefully designed and thought out in order to not only ensure safety but adherence to every aspect of our immersive program.

What are your teacher’s qualifications?

Our teachers have a background either in Early Childhood education or Sports Science management.

Will my children be disciplined?

We don’t believe in negative disciplinary measures. We gently let the child know of their behavior and adopt the persuasion, education technique rather than an authoritative, disciplinary stance.

What happens if I am not happy with the class?

Please raise your concerns with either the teachers, or if it is a delicate matter, you may direct your concerns to us directly at 

We take every concern seriously and treat it with the utmost respect, as it is a journey we are sharing together.

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