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4 Simple Bonding Activities to Raise Happy & Healthy Kids

4 Simple Bonding Activities to Raise Happy & Healthy Kids

Want to raise a pleasant and well-adjusted kid? Start bonding with them.

Connecting with your little ones will make them feel loved and valued, greatly benefiting their social, emotional and cognitive development.

Our play-based approach to learning will ensure that your kids are enjoying our activities but are also learning and absorbing information, easily and more efficiently. If you’re busy with multiple kids, set aside at least 20 minutes per day for each of them. Remember that being present and spending quality time is the most important aspect of bonding with your little ones. Always set a time to bond with them, no matter how short it is and see them blossom into a happy, responsible and well-adjusted kid. Below are some simple ways of bonding with your little ones:

1. Read to them

Spending a few minutes to read to your little ones will make them feel important and valued. It also promotes curiosity and language development, helping them to do well in school.

2. Eat with them

Setting aside dinner time with the whole family maintains a sense of belonging to your kids, making them feel loved, safe and secure. It will also help you and your kids to try out new meals and eat healthier food.

3. Do chores together

Let them help you fold the blanket, transfer dirty dishes in the sink, clear up their own toys, put their dirty clothes in the laundry basket and other household chores that your littles can handle. It would not only instill a sense of responsibility in them, it will also give your kids a sense of accomplishment and pride upon finishing a task.

4. Play with them

Aside from its physical benefits, playing will also give you the chance to get to know your little one and to teach them a lot of things – how to communicate, how to be more creative, how to be more patient and such. It will also help in their problem solving and critical-thinking skills. You can choose to play with them at home but if you want to expose them to different settings and people, we have age-appropriate activities in My Gym that will let your kids have fun and learn at the same time.

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