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My gym. My mind. My learning. My world.

My Gym. My Mind. My Learning. My World.

Our children are just as uncertain as everyone else is right now. They not only hear
and understand everything that is going on around them, but also sense the constant
tension in the air and the worry written on their parents faces.

The fact is no one has ever experienced anything like the pandemic before. For all children though, the initial thought or idea of being off from school would have sounded awesome. As for parents, it may not be so: they really are in two minds, whether to send or not to send their wards back to school. This is quite natural.

What’s holding them back?

The primary concern of parents is that young children will be least likely to follow the social distancing norms and other rules. Let’s face it, who can stop a child from putting things in their mouth or prevent hugging their friends? We don’t know of anyone who can. But sanitizing everything in sight is the best thing to do.

Here is another question that puts parents in a quandary. Missing out on schooling for extended periods of time is said to have a long-lasting impact on learning outcomes and future prospects. They forget one thing though. When children are young, they absorb everything they see and hear. They learn by imitating. Even when it comes to missed lessons and acquiring new knowledge and skills. They do this quickly and easily. So don’t worry.

The last question is particularly worrisome. The increasing number of incidents involving negative behaviour in children. Whether it’s because of anxiety, or anger, or as a protest against why they are not permitted to do the things children normally do.

However, this might seem difficult to handle for those who face the issue for the first time. So please, do keep an eye out for any outward signs of an approaching meltdown or tantrum. Respond appropriately, a hug and a few comforting words to your child will work like magic.

The young will benefit the most

What children need the most at this point in time is to feel comforted and loved. They are also in need of another place other than their home to make them feel like it’s all going to be OK too. Don’t reject this option outright. Instead, step out of the circle and take a relook.

Remember, every parent and child is sailing in the same boat. My Gym understands this and takes steps that help the child. Once children are back at My Gym, they are individually assessed and calibrated by their teacher and caregiver. Course corrections are made to help every child start from where they had left off before the lockdown.

My Gym Teachers and caregivers are all experts at helping your child catch up and restart the missed lessons together with other children in similar situations. Furthermore, the face to face interactions children have with their teachers they are familiar with and have come to love, is a big confidence booster.

Getting started with learning at My Gym again, will be more compelling, engaging and effective than the current option children have of just watching online video lessons or participating in remote learning programs. No matter how well these lessons are conceived and produced, they can’t beat the real learning and real life interactions with the teacher children trust and love.

You already have made a big difference

Having to juggle between the role of a mother, home keeper, home-school tutor and office worker, must have put you under incredible stress. But then, you never gave up and the credit rightly goes to your foresight and resilience.

Now is the time to give yourself a well-earned break. You are invited to come over to My Gym with your child. Use your visit to interact with teachers, speak with other parents, then take your decision. Action with clarity always makes everyone come out stronger and feeling better.

Everyone will feel happy for it

My Gym is convinced that children should be back to familiar surroundings. And back into their kind of world. Our focus is always on the child, the one who will benefit the most. Evidence suggests that young children in a safe, sanitized and hygienic environment will not only be safe, but will eagerly want to get on with their school-life and refresh their knowledge and skills.

The important point to remember is not to feel pressured to do something you are not 100% sure of. Some parents may not want their children to return to school and that’s ok. Some may be welcoming the decision and that’s ok too.

Whatever the point of view, moving forward with confidence will not only have a positive impact on the mental health of the child but also everyone else involved.

If you have any queries regarding any issue, please feel free to give My Gym a call at 6789 2901 or Whatsapp us at 8248 770. You can also reach us at We can help resolve and clear all doubts that may exist in your mind about having your child back in school.

All My Gym Centers strictly follow proven sanitising procedures to keep children safe

  • Every child undergoes entry point temperature checking and hand sanitising procedure
  • All programmes and activities happen in small groups
  • Fixed group seating during classroom activities
  • 30 minutes interval in between each class to allow for centre sanitising

Promoting a culture of safety is our top priority

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