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How do you know if your child is ready for enrichment classes​

How do you know if your child is ready for enrichment classes

Aside from the question “Is my child ready for enrichment classes”, “What Kind of enrichment classes is right for my child?” this question is foremost on a parent’s mind.

Parents are in a dilemma if they should let their child grow up freely vs the future impact of their child if they do not give their child some form of enrichment classes, early on in life. Let’s tackle the reasons step-by-step. Before committing to any type of enrichment classes, we have to start with knowing:

1. Is this for you or for your child?

Examine your reasons carefully. If it is because, it seems like most of your friends have enrolled their children in enrichment classes, or for brag-worthy rights, it is unlikely the right reason to do so. Without a doubt, society places pressure to conform, to belong, therefore examining your core reasons is an important first step.

2. Finding The right school style.

Children’s learning abilities are often likened to that of a sponge and they are naturally curious and creative. As parents, we need to look for a school that you can join and participate in the classes, learn skills and make it a quality time bonding with your child. Not all schools are the right fit just as there is no one-size fits all solution. The best way is to sign up for trial classes, participate and observe if the dynamics, the environment, the feedback from the teachers is a fit for both you and your child.

3. Refrain from a grading, competitive system.

If your child is before the age of 5, we strongly encourage parents to avoid schools with a heavy emphasis on grading. We believe wrong foundation systems instil fear, rebellion, low self-esteem, all of which should not be traits of impressionable children learning and school in a positive environment.

4. Fearing the child is not ready.

At My Gym Singapore, we go against the grain of a competitive environment. We do not believe children have to compete with one another to get ahead, and not at the price of their childhood. Instead, we believe in an encouraging environment and a system where children have fun learning in all of our activities and harnessing this naturally so they themselves want to learn more and do more. This works perfectly with their curious minds when they are in an environment where learning feels like play. While we provide a fun environment; what isn’t clearly evident are structured activities, that has been refined over the past 30 years. This is why we strongly believe we at My Gym can provide the most conducive environment for your child to grow, to learn, to be confident, to fine-tune their motor skills with all the fun and the very same reason why we are The Experts in Children’s Development.

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