20mths – 6 yrs old


Art & Creative Activities For Kids


Enhancing creativity, flexible thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Let your kids ignite their imagination while discovering their own unique talents, through art!

Let’s encourage your child’s love for art, learning, and innovation through creative activities. We focus more on “process art”, which embraces experimentation, learning, making mistakes and letting go of expected outcomes, thereby helping the child’s critical thinking skills and letting them become more confident in realizing their own ideas. 

fine motor activities for toddlers


World Art 1

Start them young and flex those creative thinking! We offer age-appropriate art classes for kids aged 20 months to 3 years old

World Art 2

We also have art classes for older kids, age 3 – 6 years old. Let them explore

a variety of artists, techniques, world cultures and more, through art!


Various themed art camps are also available, such as Holiday Camps, Garden Art Safari, Circus and more. 

Parties & Events

Celebrate a special art birthday party or art activities for your community, business or school. 

Learn more about our World Art Program

For more information on our programs, class schedules and more, email us contact@mygym.com.sg