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12 Ways To Be A Fantastic Parent​

12 Ways To Be A Fantastic Parent

We all know being a parent is not easy, what more of a fantastic parent?

Here, we share with you some awesome parenting skills to raise happy and healthy kids, and ultimately be a fantastic parent!

1. Be A Good Role Model

Children just adores copying those around them and you as a parent who spends most of the time with your child would most definitely be the target of imitation. They learn from watching what others do. Therefore, practicing respectful and good behaviour sends them the message of how to act.

2. Create Sweet Memories

Make memories with your children from young. Although they might not remember all that has transpired, the family rituals that you practiced, for instance a kiss on the cheek after a bedtime story before sleep will be always be remembered.

3. Eat Together As A Family

However busy you are, make it a priority to at least have 1 meal in a day together with the whole family seated at the dining table. This is a good way for the whole family to just relax, connect and catch up on each other’s day.

4. Establish And Set Rules

Set clear limits from Day 1 so that you can manage your child’s behaviour. Establishing rules and setting up boundaries instills discipline in a child and teaches them responsibility. Try not to micromanage your kids as long as they keep to the rules you have lay down.

5. Exercise With Your Children

Fitness is important to everyone, particularly children who are still in the developing stage. Get them out of the house and pitch a ball in the park or walk to the grocery store 15 minutes away from home.

6. Have Some Me Time Once In A While

No, it doesn’t mean that you are a bad parent if you distance yourself from your child for some quality time. Take a break and recharge from your daily hectic life so you will feel energized and able to take on the world again, even if the laundry is not done and the dishes pile up the sink. Just go for a movie and lunch with your girlfriends, and pass the responsibility to your spouse for that afternoon.

7. Keep Your Word

Promises are meant to be kept. Children remember better than you think so always honour your promises and tell the truth. You want to teach them to be honest, don’t you? Never ever break the promises you made to your child as this will cause trust issues in your relationship in the long run.

8. Never Accept Disrespect From Your Child

If your child is being intentionally rude to you or others and tells unkind things, do not let it slide. Tell him firmly that this kind of behaviour will not be tolerated and explain to him the consequences of his ill-mannered actions. Let him know how it will hurt people by listening to those upsetting things he has just spouted.

9. Pay Attention To Your Child’s Safety

Remember to baby proof your home thoroughly when you are expecting, you can never be too cautious with a young child around. Never leave your young child in the car or in the tub alone.

10. Read Books Together Every Day

Spend a good 20 minutes daily to read with your child. Not only can this build a stronger bond between parent and child but also instill a good lifetime hobby, the love for reading.

11. Respect Your Child

Give your child the courtesy you do others. Treating your child with respect teaches them how to respect others and develop self-respect. Discuss your child’s feelings with her, listen to her opinions, give her personal space, all this portrays a parent’s respect for their children.

12. Say “I Love You”

Yes, its mushy but it won’t ever be enough to spoil your child so just shower him with your affection and let him know how valuable and important he is to you. Saying “I love you” to your child can provide him the motivation to love others and also let them feel safe and protected.

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