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5 Tips on How to Ease your Toddler’s School Separation Anxiety

Going to a new school or a new class for your little one will always be daunting and can be extra hard to deal with, for both and your child. There are ways to make the transition easier or at least a bit manageable:

Stick to a routine 

Having good habits early on would greatly help your kid adjust more quickly in school. If possible, always stick to it, like having an early bedtime, following through both their nighttime and morning routines and so on.

Explain what’s going to happen

So your night time and morning routines are already set in place but explaining to your toddler what’s going to happen would also help in preparing them, emotionally and mentally. Tell them what’s going to happen in the morning, what they need to do, and highlight the fact that you’re going to see them and pick them up after school. 

Expect the struggle

Learning how to expect the tears, the wailing, clinginess and the tantrums would help in managing your emotions. Your kid needs you to be calm and collected as they feed off your energy so keep your feelings in check and stay levelheaded. Expecting an outburst of strong emotions and even hysterics from your toddlers can make you less frustrated and can even help you devise some ways in helping them calm down or at least make the situation manageable.

Say goodbye firmly

How you say goodbye can set the tone of the morning and your kid’s reaction. Don’t sneak off but don’t prolong your goodbye as well. Keep it short, snappy and positive. Your body language can convey what you’re feeling inside so keep your emotions in check, stay strong and say goodbye with a smile.

Expect a regression

Your kid has been doing so well the past few days then all of a sudden, they started acting up again – refusing to wake up, refusing to put on their clothes and doesn’t want to go to school, altogether. Something might have triggered these reactions but just expect regressions like these, they are bound to happen and just prepare yourself mentally and emotionally so you’ll feel less confused and less frustrated.

Like all stages of childhood, this phase won’t last. Your child will eventually learn how to adjust to school, make friends and so on. So hang in there, stay positive and your kids will eventually ask that you leave them in school, even before you know it! 🙂


-My Gym Editorial Team –

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