3–7 months





Giving your babies a head start in their development

Get your cameras ready and see your little ones starting to roll over, lifting their heads on their own, shaking rattles, and more!

Through a variety of visually and sensory-stimulating activities introduced in this parent-assisted class, you will also see their cute tiny little eyes starting to follow you, how they take notice and interest of their surroundings, and even hear them make some vocal sounds when happy or just laugh outright when they’re tickled or amused. Older babies will also learn how to sit up on their own! Weekly discussions and handouts will also be included, to track your kid’s progress.


Physical (Senses, fine & Gross Motor skills)

Infant-safe rides, baby exercises, dances, tummy time

Cognitive (Logical, Artistic, Linguistic, Educational)

New songs, discussions, games

Social (Emotions, Communications, Self-Esteem)

Hello songs, discussions, introductions, puppet shows

Request for Parents

Each activity has overlapping benefits to cover the 4 domains of development – physical, cognitive, social, emotional. Take advantage of the teacher-led activities by practicing them with your babies at home.

Parent’s Testimonial:

“My Gym proved me that babies were capable to do gymnastics actions we previously thought they weren’t able to do so. Babies are more than capable than what we think with the right guidance from skillful teachers.” – Netty

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