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Circle Time’s Developmental Benefits

Circle Time’s Developmental Benefits

Circle Time is one of the many My Gym activities that offers a lot of developmental benefits for kids. It allows everyone to socialize with each other and to develop positive relationships between the teachers and the kids and even the parents. Check out the important benefits below that your little one can get from Circle Time:

Improves socialization skills

Participation during circle time helps children learn to interact with adults and other children, outside of the home. They learn about themselves as they relate to teachers, the parent, and other young kids.

Develops listening skills

Sitting briefly and paying attention to their peers and teachers helps children develop their listening skills, as well as learning about boundaries, limits, and rules, which has a lot of benefits in the long run. It also teaches them to respect others, teachers and peers, while in the circle.

Enhanced school-readiness skills

Skills necessary for them to adapt well in school are also developed and enhanced in Circle Time, such as taking turns, developing patience, understanding of time and more. Circle Time also expands their physical, sensory and language experiences through exposure to new songs, dances and other activities.

Promotes fine and gross motor skills

Singing and dancing activities during Circle Time helps enhance a kid’s fine and gross motor skills. For singing, it helps promote rhythm, counting, dexterity and more. Dancing improves gross motor skills such as turning and jumping. Plus, it’s always a fun form of exercise!

Builds stronger bonds

Circle Time offers parents an excellent opportunity to set a proper behavioural example to their kids while letting the latter have fun at the same time. Bonding between the two also becomes stronger, plus, the new songs they learn together provide them with something fun to do at home as well.

Circle Time is such a fun and light-hearted activity, that can also calm down kids and encourages them to get into learning mode. Let your kids participate in it and see the positive difference it will make in their learning and development.

-My Gym Editorial Team –

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