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Why Send Your Child to Gym Class?​

Why Send Your Child to Gym Class?

Here are Top 8 Reasons why you should send your child to My Gym for Gym Classes!

Not many know the countless benefits gym class offers to a developing child. A child’s participation in gymnastics not only help to develop him just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

1. Cognitive Development​

My Gym has developed an extraordinary program and facilities devised to help children 3 months thru 10 years of age develop physically, cognitively and emotionally. We have over 600 locations in more than 30 countries offering structured, age-appropriate, weekly classes that incorporate music, dance, relays, games, special rides, gymnastics, sports and more.

2. Fitness & Health

The most noticeable benefit of partaking in gymnastics is of course staying fit and healthy by being physically active. Gymnastics will increase your child’s strength and power of endurance, allowing them easier manipulation of day to day tasks. Training your child to pick up sports early can make them practice a healthier lifestyle in the future and also lower the risk of obesity which is a major issue in numerous countries. A physically fit person is also known to have less illnesses as they go through life.

3. Flexibility, Coordination and Agility

Gymnastics help children build their gross motor skills for better control and coordination of their limbs in order to develop a good sense of body awareness. Additionally, participating in gym activities trains your child to be flexible and nimble, skills that can be beneficial in everyday life. Flexibility is something most people crave for when they reach adulthood because it is important in limiting injuries and help prevents every day aches and pains.

4. Confidence and Self-Esteem

Going to gym class can definitely help build a child’s confidence and self-esteem. There will be a different technique, a different skill for your child to conquer as they progress through gym lessons. They will feel a sense of achievement and start gaining confidence when they finally master yet another gymnastic technique. This helps to prepare your child for school and grow up to be a self-assured and reliable adult.

5. Instill the “I Can” Attitude

Learning new things can be a very scary experience for young children especially with so many unfamiliar-looking gym equipment staring at them. We help them overcome these fears and instill the “I Can” attitude by taking the step-by-step approach to guide the little ones through gymnastic activities based on their accord and progress. Even when they stumble, our dedicated coaches will offer them encouragements to not give up. The kids will start to overcome their fear when they finally succeeded in performing that forward roll that they deem impossible.

6. Discipline and Determination

A gym is a controlled environment with strict rules to follow in order to keep everyone safe. By picking up this sport, students have to adhere to the rules and codes of conduct which in turn teaches them the importance of discipline. Learning gymnastics also teach children commitment and determination as they have to try again and again, to stand back up on their own two feet whenever they fall until they succeed in mastering that particular technique.

7. Social Skills

It is vitally important for children to develop social skills from young as it will facilitate an easier integration into society. In My Gym, children learn to communicate with people from all walks of life such as friends of the more or less same age range and also engage in interaction with adult coaches. They can acquire social skills by listening and following instructions, taking turns and learning how to respect others. All this will equip your child with skills to handle both physical and emotional encounters in life.

8. Fun

And last but not least, it’s extremely FUN! Gym Class in My Gym is exciting and stimulating as it always seems like a new experience for children due to our weekly change of gym setup. It is also a great way for little ones to enjoy time with other children with similar interests.

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