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The Importance of Letting Your Children Play​

The Importance of Letting Your Children Play

Do you know that play is the most important activity for children?

Do you know that play is the most important activity for children? It’s essential to their development as it contributes to their cognitive, physical, emotional and social skills. It’s the most appropriate and most effective way to teach them different things such as math concepts, language, how to be more resilient and more.

Here are a few benefits that your children can get from playing:

Play helps your child become more confident, independent, more resilient, teaches perseverance and improves their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

It may seem like a lot to but these skills and values are easily learned through playing.

Say for example, have you ever seen your kid trying to build a tower over and over again? That simple act of continuing to build the tower and choosing to keep on playing with it even if it has fallen down numerous times, teaches them the values of resilience and perseverance. When they’re thinking of a way on how to make a taller, stronger tower, it enhances their problem solving and critical thinking skills. When they’ve mastered building that tower, it teaches them to become more confident, letting them move on to harder, more challenging activities.

Play helps develop social, language and communication skills

Through play, new words (or dialects) are learned and practiced by children. They have the opportunity to try out these new words on their own or with friends, especially when they do some pretend-playing or story telling activities.

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Play develops physical skills

Through playing, children get to test their own limits. They find out what they’re capable of doing and they also get to explore and learn about their environment. It also encourages them to become more active, making them stronger and healthier.

Play teaches children positive social skills and values

Sharing, cleaning up after themselves, caring for others and the environment, not hitting one another and more, all of these lessons are learned through play.

Play also offers an ideal opportunity for parents to engage fully with their children.

It facilitates a stronger bond between parents and children. It encourages parents to communicate with their children more, learning more about them in the process. It also teaches parents how to be more patient and understanding.

Never underestimate the importance of play. It is the building block to establish in your children positive values and interactions, a healthier lifestyle and improved problem solving and critical thinking skills. Through play, your child will be able to apply these skills as they grow into a young adult.

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