Playgroup Consult and Visit

Planning to let your little one attend playgroup / pre-school soon? Learn how My Gym’s Playgroup Program can give your kid the best head start in life, to develop a lifelong love of learning and more.

The first few years of your child’s life are the most crucial time to develop and learn proper skills and habits they’ll need to become healthy and capable adults. That’s why it’s so important to provide them opportunities to learn new and age-appropriate skills that will them a head start in life. 

Our Playgroup Program’s thematic and sports-based curriculum will give your kids the right opportunities to not only excel academically, but to also develop the skills needed for them to become smart, healthy and well-rounded individuals.

If you have some burning questions about how to get your child ready for pre-school, then come have a chat with our experts during our Playgroup Consult and Visit Week Tour and find answers to questions like:

• What is the ideal age to start attending school?
• How do I know if he/she is ready to go to playgroup?
• What will she learn in school?
• How qualified are the teachers?
• What can I do to prepare my child adequately?

Spark your kid’s interest in the academics and social settings. Let your child join the tour for fun and educational activities, music, puppetry and more.

Our teachers will be happy to sit with you in person to answer all these questions and more, so that you can have complete peace of mind and rest assured that your child is ready.

My Gym has been serving thousands of families worldwide, making sure to provide the following:


• Uniquely Crafted Programs
Our age-appropriate programs has helped millions of children in their overall development – cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially. We also empower children by instilling in them the “I can do it!” spirit, which will greatly benefit them in the years to come.


• State-of-the-art Facilities
Our custom-made equipments and our highly trained teachers keeps your children’s interest levels high, energising and challenging them each time they come for a class.


• Safe and Clean Environment
Regularly cleaning/ sanitizing our centre, toys and other items is a daily routine at My Gym since day one, as well as temperature taking and hand sanitizing. We always makes sure that all areas are inspected and all precautionary measures are done properly, to keep our centres a safe and happy place for everyone, especially your children.

Register for free and experience the My Gym difference for yourself. 

Free consult and visit is available at Great World, Marine Parade, Jurong East, Punggol and Tampines.

Limited sessions available per outlet. So register today!

• For kids aged 19 months onwards
• Exclusive discounts apply only to early bird registrations 
• Terms & Conditions apply

For more enquiries, WhatsApp your preferred centre:

• Great World: 8339 8782
• Marine Parade: 6440 9916
• Jurong East: 9845 2377
• Punggol: 8239 5207
• Tampines: 8248 7702

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