Pre-school from your child's point of view

Pre-school from your child’s point of view

Pre-school from your child’s point of view

Breaking the ice

To help and prepare your child for any kind of situation, she needs to learn, adopt and practice a few coping strategies at home. Acquire skills she can use to calm herself at a pre-school later on.

For instance, getting her to take a deep breath a couple of time whenever she feels a little upset. Or see if counting to 10 will help her calm down. Or blowing out pretend candles. Try them all to find out which one works best for your child. Then practice doing the one that makes her comfortable. Raise her confidence levels.

Stick to a routine

Setting a routine is a challenge every parent has to address sooner than later. Start by having at least one meal a day together as a family. Then move on to establishing a schedule and routine for the day — playtime, story time, bedtime, Potty Time etc.

You may have to clearly and consistently set and enforce limits. This will help bring a sense of discipline and help the child figure out how to make it work for herself.

Make-time to visit My Gym together with your child will help you immensely. A one-on-one interaction with experienced teachers will provide several hidden insights. Helping you see for yourself how other toddlers behave and handle themselves in a My Gym session. It will be a big eyeopener.

Give us a call or email to schedule a visit. It will bring down whatever barriers that might exist in your mind. Help you focus on the critical role you already play. Giving you deeper insights into how you can go about preparing your child on your own and at home.

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