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How To Give Your Child A Headstart At School

How To Give Your Child A Headstart At School

Early childhood development programs in an active and a dynamic learning environment, are designed to help your child familiarize and improve her cognitive and emotional skills, as well as her physical growth and lay a solid foundation for the future.

Children are fast learners and it is easier for their brains to form new neural connections faster by participating in cognitive development activities. Enabling them to quickly absorb information which in turn become critical building blocks.

Magic of play

Child's emotional development

Healthy, well-rounded early brain development, especially from birth to when they are three, help children feel good about themselves. And inducing this sense of feeling good is a very important component of play.

In an active and a dynamic learning environment, young children acquire and develop many other skills through the power of play. While it is fun, it also helps your child’s emotional development, improving and building upon her language and social skills which she is already familiar with.

Play nurtures creativity, imagination and gives your child the confidence to explore, try out new things and a sense of adventure. All these developments will help put her on the path to problem solving, interacting, working and sharing with children her age

Nurture your child’s curiosity

early childhood development

Curiosity comes naturally to a child and feeding this inquisitiveness by exposing her to early childhood programs in an active and a dynamic learning environment will ensures that she enjoys the fun as well as cherish the depth of engagement she gets to dive into.

Quickly picking up tested and proven tools and getting into the habit of learning and discovering right from an early age. Imagine the foundation you will be building for your child which scale as she grows up.

Boosting self-esteem

intellectual development in early childhood

Knowledge and intellectual development in early childhood is the true source of power. It is also the basis of building the confidence a child needs to get through her day to day activities with ease. Higher levels of self-esteem will assist your child integrate seamlessly into any kind of active and dynamic learning environment quickly.

The power of knowledge assists your child to solve problems confidently and swiftly. Access other children and adults by eagerly meeting them socially. These are life’s great skills to possess. The earlier she masters these skills the better it will be for her.

Right exposure at the right time

Early childhood development education

An active and a dynamic learning environment will expose your child to the diversity that exists in the world around her. Just books and other forms of media is not enough. Real-life needs to be exposed to real fact of life in real-time.

Early childhood development education will be a big help to a child when she learns early in her life to see and appreciate merit on its own terms. That accepting the differences is what makes everyone and everything so unique. Such exposures will help a child improve her social skills and relate better in a genuine and authentic way.

Learning from play & playmates

Early childhood development education with playing

Socializing is an essential skill and can be sharpened only in a free, flexible and fun space.
This is the biggest advantage of an active and dynamic learning environment, it provides access to other children of the same age. Early childhood development education creates a level playing field that points every child in the same direction and provides an equal start.

There is adult support readily available, and the space is made conducive and safe for very young children to play, interact and learn. They learn to support each other and help build self-esteem and confidence in others. It is only in such a space, a child can discover more opportunities to be compassionate and be helpful to people around her.

Multiply the value of an education

Intellectual development in early childhood

Intellectual development in early childhood gives your child real experiences in real-time. This is a sure way to boost her engagement levels and help build character. An active and dynamic learning environment is where children learn faster and are taught from real experiences that are happening right in front of her.

Parents are the best role models and teachers, and every child looks up to them for guidance. This is also a great opportunity, seize it and pass on the values and the benefits education gave you. The earlier you start sharing your experiences, the more solid will be the foundation a child can easily learn to build for herself.

Increase attention spans

early childhood education programs

Smarter children possess an uncanny levels of curiosity and are likely to quickly and easily move their attention to the next item that catches their eye. As they are naturally interested in new things, they have shorter attentions spans and this shortcoming needs to be addressed and steps taken to improve on day to day basis.

An active and dynamic learning environment focuses on creating as many chances as possible for the discovery of fresh ideas and experiences. Their early childhood education programs are designed to maximize these opportunities.

This is done in a manner that sustains and maintains balance with their ability to listen and participate in team activities and tasks and by introducing young children to playing leadership roles. An essential skill that needs to be focused upon and developed in a child’s

Scoring higher grades

scoring high grades with emotional, social physical development

Early childhood education programs in an active and dynamic learning environment, exposes pupils to all-round emotional, social physical development. As the process of learning is not new to a child, she begins to maintain an edge in her academic performance by scoring higher grades.

This achievement in itself will encourage your child to start learning about new things on her own. Confident, self-sufficient growing up with an independent bent of mind.

Character with values

intellectual development in early childhood

When children know that they happen to be smarter than others, the tendency is to develop a swag and look down upon the less fortunate children with disdain. So it is critical to ensure that knowledge is tempered and taught with elements of good morals and values. That they are well-equipped and adept at discerning the right values from the wrong ones.

Knowledge with good character is a combination that promotes healthy growth of mind and body. Such an intellectual development in early childhood makes the child understand what is acceptable behaviour in society. They also learn to navigate that much better when interacting and dealing with other people and institutions. Such values are what go to help them surge ahead in whatever they might want to do when they come of age.

Character with values

Parents involvement in the education and early childhood development

An active and dynamic learning environment makes it a point to involve parents in the process of education and development of their child. An ideal situation that helps build
on the excellent role models for the children to emulate.

The early childhood development education program promotes such interactions, presenting numerous opportunities to stay in the loop of your child’s day to day activities. Bond in a very active way by sharing unforgettable experiences together.

When children begin to feel loved and cherished by the closest members of their family, they develop links that nurture the relationships on a lifelong basis.

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As a parent you can actively support development of a healthy and active lifestyle by offering your child the opportunities for physical activity, freedom and movement, and promoting a sense of well-being. And this is what My Gym’s early childhood development education program is all about.

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