What makes Preschool Prep different from My Gym’s other programs?

Our Preschool Prep program emphasizes a school-setting which focuses on routines, independency, academic learning , gymnastics and sport activities while preparing your children for school.

What makes My Gym different from other pre-school programs?

Physical activities in our Preschool Prep program are also given a priority and is not an optional activity, unlike in other preschool and kindergarten schools. We believe in focusing on the 4 domains of development of your kids – physical, cognitive, social and emotional – nurturing and enhancing them in all these areas, to make them confident, healthy and well-rounded kids.

At what age can my kid join the Preschool Prep program?

They can already start as early as 19 months!

We have 2 School-based programs that your kids can join:

Playgroup: for aged 19 months to 3.5 years.

Creative Buddies: for aged 3 years – 4.5 years.

What are the benefits of letting my kid/s join the Preschool Prep program?

Enrolling your kids at this program can give them a myriad of benefits. As early as they start, they get to learn and grasp sooner. A few benefits of this program are enumerated below:

  • It fosters a love for learning in your child, at an early age.
  • An academic advantage as it prepares your kids for formal schooling, boosting pre-math and literacy skills.
  • It helps develop their social skills as they interact with peers from different backgrounds and with adults (teachers) as well.
  • It enhances their cognitive and emotional skills as they learn self-control, how to share, follow instructions and more.
  • Their sense of competence and confidence is heightened, as they learn how to take of themselves (eg. washing their hands, feeding themselves) as well as helping others.
  • Gross motor and fine motor skills are also greatly improved, as they are areas which lack focus and priority when kids are staying at home.

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What will my kids learn?

Learnings are based on a theme-based curriculum that changes every term. All aspects with regards to enhancing and improving the 4 domains of development (physical, cognitive, social, emotional) will be covered and subject themes can range from transportation, body parts, animals, learning about themselves and more.

What are the available timings and class schedule?

For the class schedule in all our centres, please click here.

How will my child’s progress be monitored?

In the Preschool Prep Program, teachers will share your child’s progress with you on a weekly basis and will be posting on a platform that allows parents to keep track of the interesting activities or moments during the week in school.

What are the safety measures in My Gym?

Our teachers are well-trained in child first aid in every class, in case of emergencies. Our equipment are all shipped from the US and are proven and tested to be safe for children’s gym activities. A full prepped first aid kit is in every center. Our carpet is padded. The design of the gym has been carefully designed and thought out in order to not only ensure safety but adherence to every aspect of our immersive program including safety.

What are your teachers’ qualifications?

All the appointed teachers go through a well-structured training program designed by our corporate centre in the USA as well as qualify an internal OJT process and assessment before they get certified to be part of the My Gym team.

Will my children be disciplined?

At My Gym, we practice positive reinforcement for children which helps them reflect upon their incorrect behaviors and/or when they misbehave in class. Or in any event that the child needs to calm down, we will have a short time-out for the children.

Do you provide transport?

Currently we do not provide transportation services.

How do you ensure that the classes are clean and safe for children?

Our team ensures that the premises are clean and well-maintained on a daily basis. After every class, we carry out the disinfecting procedure at the commonly touched areas, toys and equipment used during class segments. Mats and carpet will be cleansed at least twice a day.

What happens if I am not happy with the class?

Please raise your concerns to either the teachers or if it is a delicate matter, you may direct your concerns to us directly through the following venues:

– Email us at

– Send us a PM through our Facebook or Instagram accounts.

We take every concern seriously and with utmost respect as it is a journey we are sharing together.

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