19 mths–3 yrs





Encouraging your little ones’ thirst to learn new things

Be on your toes when your not-so-little-ones start running, engaging in solitary and parallel play, exploring their environment and more!

Our program will enhance your kid’s growing set of skills that are developing at lightning speed! Watch as they learn how to balance on one foot, improve their pincer grip, feed themselves using a spoon, identify colors and body parts, stack and build a tower and even do simple classification tasks. We will also work on their attention span and improving their language skills so watch as they start learning and speaking new words every week and start participating in telling familiar stories.


Physical (Senses, fine & Gross Motor skills)

Toddler-safe rides, new weekly equipment setups

Cognitive (Logical, Artistic, Linguistic, Educational)

New songs, skill stations, discussions, games, adventures

Social (Emotions, Communications, Self-Esteem)

Discussions, independence time, puppet show, peer interaction activities

Request for Parents

Each activity has overlapping benefits to cover the 4 domains of development – physical, cognitive, social, emotional. “Homework” will be given to parents, to reinforce learning at home.

Parent’s Testimonial

“Thanks to you, Julien has developed to become a more outgoing and sociable boy & all these is attributed to the dedication of teachers at My Gym, who are really good at what they do.”– Mike and Judy

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